Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2016!

By Laura, 02/02/2016 - 10:12

 Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2016!


We are now deep into ‘Engagement Season’ and if you have THAT BIG RING on the mind then let us show you the styles that we predict to be passing through our ring boxes over 2016! Want some inspiration for you future ring (hint hint) or if you’re looking to predict what will get you maximum brownie points from your better half, let our experts show you the trends that are certain to make the grade this year!




  1. Rose Gold
    Rose Gold has been gaining a dedicated following over the last few years; as new brides look to have something a little different, just for them. The soft and feminine tone stands out beautifully on almost any skin tone, and diamonds set in rose gold are really hard to beat! For something with a flash of colour why not try a Morganite Centre Stone?
  2. Three Stones
    Originated by the De Beers company; a three-stone engagement is still a long running, classic engagement look. Sometimes called a ‘trilogy’ or ‘trinity’ ring; the three stones are said to represent the past, present and future of a couples’ relationship. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that! Put a modern twist on this timeless look by using unusual cuts of stones for a ring individual to you!
  3. Curves and Crossovers
    A simple diamond solitaire is hard to beat, but if you know that the traditional just won’t cut it, then perhaps a simple twist will add the edge you’re looking for? A wedding band that snuggles in tightly beside it finishes the look beautifully (and it just so happens to be our area of expertise!). Experimenting with fluid curves and shapes in your design can make for a truly unique engagement ring.
  4. Coloured Diamonds
    That’s right, you heard me, a coloured diamond! We have created rings with diamonds of every colour; from deepest black, to the most vibrant blues or yellows. Finding that perfect diamond is the best way to create a real personalised piece, and what better way to stand out than with a pop of colour! These Diamonds are rare and won’t compromise on practicality, as they are still the hardest stone around, no matter what colour!
  5. Vintage Design
    With hundreds of years of jewellery inspiration why stick to something contemporary? A brand new bespoke piece influenced by vintage styles and details could be the perfect compromise, the design you’re after without the wear and tear of a second-hand piece! That perfect look; from an Art Deco setting or an Edwardian stone cut to a piece of Victorian detailing, could be between our sketch-book pages waiting for you to choose!




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