Ear Piercing FAQ's!

By Laura, 05/18/2015 - 12:09

The Summer Holidays have started and for us this means only one thing, ear piercing! The six week break is the perfect time to get your young ones set with a lovely pair of studs with plenty of time to allow for healing before P.E. Lessons again in September! If you've thought about enquiring about ear piercing have a look at our FAQ's to find the answers to all your questions.
Do you do ear piercing?
Absolutely! We are a licenced ear piercing specialist with two members of staff fully trained in ear piercing. We offer a relaxed and experienced environment with a wide range of stud styles to choose from.
How much does it cost?
Prices start from £18.00 and vary depending on the material and style of the studs chosen. This price includes a bottle of cleaning solution that should easily last you the length of the healing process.
Are there any age limitations on ear piercing?
We offer ear piercing to anyone over the age of 5 years but those under 14 years should be with a responsible adult.
Should I book an appointment?
Booking an appointment is advised but not necessary. There is suitable member of staff in store every working day apart from Monday. Booking an appointment will guarantee your time slot, to keep the process quick and simple. Call 01329 847 187 to book now.
Is it hygienic?
Our technique is 100% hygienic. The studs are sealed individually when we receive them and are loaded into the applicator without the use of hands, and are therefore totally sanitised when they reach the ear lobe. Our staff all wear non-latex gloves and use disinfectant everywhere that is necessary.
How long does it take?
Normally a pair of ear piercings take just 10-15 minutes to complete.
What are the earrings made from? 
We stock earrings made from Surgical Steel, Gold-Plated Surgical Steel and 9ct Yellow Gold. Prices vary with each variety. All these metals are hypo-allergenic so will not cause any reaction with the skin.
Do you pierce anywhere else?
We pierce anywhere on the ear lobe. Ear cartilage and other body parts require different techniques which we do not offer.
What do I clean it with?
You will be provided with a bottle of recommended cleaning solution, free of charge, that will last the duration of the healing period. You should also clean any new earrings with solution when you eventually come to change the piercing studs.
How should I care for it?
We recommend that our customers clean their new piercings twice a day, by dipping a cotton bud into their cleaning solution and wiping the back and the front of the wound, ensuring the area is clean but not irritated. We also recommend to twist the earring twice a day, using clean, sanitised hands.
When can I change the earrings?
Six weeks is the perfect amount of time to let your piercing heal fully. After this changing your earring should be easy and pain-free.
Any other advice?
You should always be careful to only touch your new piercing with clean hands and be gentle when brushing your hair or any vigorous exercise or movement. Otherwise just enjoy your new piercing and we look forward to seeing you back for your first pair of brand new earrings!



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