MIMESIS Unfurl - Small Ring


‘Flower Girl who will awaken upon the buzzing of the bees’ (Large Pendant)

‘Unfurl’ is a ring from our ‘Flower Girl” range, inspired Jasmine Pradissitto’s sculpture of the same name.  As the petals unfurl it gives hope that nature keeps renewing and balance can be restored.
Made from 100% recycled silver, the ‘Unfurling’ makes a real statement about sustainability.


Inspired by ‘Flower Girl’

“Flower girl who will awaken upon the buzzing of the bees” was a site-specific sculpture made from pollution absorbing NOXORB for the Horniman Museum Gardens on the South Circular in London, one of the capital’s most polluted roads.

Designed not only to raise awareness about the harm done to the human respiratory system by nitrogen dioxide (NOx) and other particulates, but also the effect these have on the plants they rely upon for food. 

Set in a bee garden designed by then Head Gardener Wesley Shaw, it was home to bee hotels made from discarded materials and planted with flora full of pollen which could feed a multitude of species.  A metaphor for the living slumber we all need to wake up from to protect a world slowly being consumed by the things we use and disregard.

The piece won the DEFRA bee prize in 2020 for this work.

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